Six Cooking Tips Men Should Know

It’s time men stopped waiting eagerly at the dinner table every day for their serving. Kitchen duties are no longer limited to women as it used to be decades ago. Cooking is an art that not only prevents you from starving but allows you to express yourself and get inspired to seek out more recipes to experiment with.

Why should you even bother learning to cook when you have everything you need to sustain yourself? Even your kitchen doesn’t serve any purpose as it’s just for show. Well, perhaps you’ve never thought of cooking as an essential life skill that your potential partner will love. Furthermore, cooking allows you to try new things and soon you’ll be amazed how much money you’ve saved. And don’t forget it is really, really, fun to cook. Here are important cooking tips you should know as a man.

Prep is Important

While prep is the least enjoyable thing when it comes to cooking, it’s the most important aspect and shouldn’t be ignored. No matter how long you should take preparing your recipes, be sure to do everything properly. Without prep you’re likely to end up in stress and confusion when you start cooking. Save yourself the frustration, stress, and confusion and prepare thoroughly before getting that fire on.

Sharp Knives for a Sharp Guy

When was the last time you purchased a knife? If you’re still using some old, blunt knives donated to you by your parents, it’s time you bought a new set of good, sharp knives. The knives you use will determine your cooking experience and the last thing you want is trying to chop using a blunt knife. Ensure you have all the different types of knives needed for your prep and cooking.

Learn to Chop Correctly

It is one thing to have a good, sharp knife and it’s another thing to know how well to use it. It’s not uncommon for men to injure themselves when chopping food in the kitchen. Who said you have to do it like a pro? The idea it to learn the different ways to correctly chop whatever needs chopping.

Don’t forget to Taste the Food

You’re the chef and you can’t serve something you haven’t tasted yourself. How will you know if it’s under-seasoned, over-seasoned, or even ready for serving? Make sure you taste the sauces, curries, and other foods you’re preparing. Don’t worry about serving food that’s 100 percent perfect for everyone since everybody has a different palette.

Make Clean-up Easy

Usually, after enjoying a large, delicious, and sufficiently filling meal with your friends or family, the last thing you want is to get to the kitchen to do the dishes. The more you wait the more the juices soak into your chopping boards and grime and grease solidify on the cooking pans. It’s a good idea to clean the knives, pans, pots, and other kitchen items you’ve used during the waiting time when still cooking. You can always clean while waiting to save yourself this kind of work once you’re filled up and lazy.

Enjoy Yourself, Dude

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been doing it for a while, cooking isn’t supposed to be stressful. As mentioned, it should be something you enjoy. From grilling and baking to frying and dicing, it should be really, really fun. Don’t limit yourself. Go ahead and experiment with different ingredients. Grab a glass of wine and embrace the fun and enjoyment that comes with cooking.

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